Introducing The Cherry Trees School

Pupils at The Cherry Trees School will be working on their Takeover Spring Festival in a two-week intensive project with musicians Danny Thompson and Roshi Nasehi alongside Spitalfields Music Trainee Music Leaders Raphael and Fran.

About The Cherry Trees School

The Cherry Trees School is a local authority maintained special school for primary age boys who have BESD (behavioural, emotional and social difficulties). The school opened in April 1997 and is situated in the Bow area of the London Borough of Tower Hamlets. It  offers a support service to the local education authority aimed at the inclusion of BESD pupils through their reintegration into mainstream school at a rate appropriate to their needs. The school works closely with the pupil’s mainstream schools and other agencies.

Pupils attend The Cherry Trees School because their behavioural difficulties prevent them being able to properly access the curriculum in a mainstream environment. They provide an enriched, experiential and well differentiated curriculum in order to meet the needs of every child, where every pupil has equal access to the curriculum. Each child is considered as an individual with individual abilities and needs.

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