Introducing Stewart Headlam Primary School

Year 3 pupils at Stewart Headlam Primary School will be working on their Takeover Spring Festival over thirteen sessions alongside singer and workshop leader Isabelle Adams, composer John Webb and puppeteer Polly Beestone with Spitalfields Music Trainee Leader Beth.

Takeover Spring Festival Artists
Starfish Class

Ahmed, Amani, Arda, Aya, Candy, Ikraam, Inaayah, Labibah, Mahima, Mehdi, Mushfiq,Mustafa, Nahin, Naima, Najiba, Rahat, Raqeeb, Rohat, Sahirah, Soa, Tanzila, Yamin, Yumna, Yusra, Zaima, Zain, Zeinab

Dolphins Class
Anesha, Aria, Ejaz, Fahima, Fiaz, Hadi, Hala, Iqra, Mariah, Masadur, Mohima, Nahid, Nusrat, Rafi, Rahat, Riya, Ryaan, Sara, Shakira, Shefat, Sukhy, Sumaya, Tanim, Yamin, Yesir

About Stewart Headlam Primary School

Stewart Headlam Primary School is a two form entry primary school with 450 children aged 3-11 from a diverse multicultural background.  The school was opened in 1881 as Somerford Primary and renamed in 1925 after a locally based Victorian social reformer. The school aims to inspire everyone to achieve their best and make a positive contribution and to build an inclusive school community, whereby all children, parents and staff feel safe, proud, respected and valued.