Stewart Headlam: Session 1

Last week we had our first session at Stewart Headlam Primary School which included some storytelling, singing, improvisation and a chance to quiz Spitalfields Music’s Programme Director: Festivals about creating festivals.

We started with a warm-up, to get our voices and bodies ready and cast a magic spells with our voices.

Once we were warmed up and ready to go, Issy taught us a song called Burning Fire, which we later sang when we acted out the Norse Creation Myth. Have a listen to us learning it at the bottom of the page.

We then explored different sounds we could make using our voices and our school percussion in an improvised soundscape based on the frozen fog, ice and frost of Niflheim, one of the nine worlds found in Norse mythology.

After break we spent some time with Issy thinking about what a festival is and what we would like to include in ours. We also started writing a song with John about Thor and we looked at the idea of transformation with Polly, working in small groups to transform sticks into different shapes. At the end of the morning we had a chance to ask Kate, who programmes Spitalfields Music’s festivals, some questions about how to plan our own festival.

Have a listen

Take a listen to us warming up our voices, learning Burning Fire, and making our improvised soundscape: