Osmani: Festival Day

The Rhythm of the Nile Festival: Wednesday 25 March

On the festival day at Osmani Primary School, festival goers were transported to the banks of the River Nile through art and music. The entire school started the day with musical performances in the playground at the ‘source’ of the River, outlined in chalk across the school grounds. Throughout the day, every pupil in the school took part in making ancient Egyptian art, creating live animation of the flora and fauna of the River Nile, ‘raving’ with Ramses to East African music, exploring percussion sounds and creating a soundscape of the golden city of Cairo.

Two performances on Festival Day saw the school gym transformed with two giant pyramids and numerous palm tree oases. Year 3 pupils processed in singing and performed original and thematic songs and chants about Egypt and the River Nile. After the show, parents and audience members toured the exhibitions to see the students’ work on display.