Stewart Headlam: Festival Day

The Amazing Magical Broken Hammer Festival: Tuesday 24 March

On the festival day at Stewart Headlam Primary School, festival goers took part in a variety of activities exploring the art and music created by the Year 3 pupils. The young festival producers introduced other year groups to the language of the Vikings and helped them to translate clues of the Rune treasure trail around the school. Musicians performed concerts in classrooms, Year 3 pupils ran music and storytelling sessions for the Reception classes in the library and there was an electronic dragon in the IT room!

The day’s activity culminated in a fully-staged performance of the Year 3’s original Norse myth. With the stage set with their World Tree and Nordic floor cloth, pupils brought the myth to life by singing both original and pre-existing songs and acting out the story with their fully-articulating puppets. Parents and pupils from across the school took part, with everyone joining in for a final roof raising performance of This Old Hammer.