Meet the Artists: Naomi Burrell

Meet Naomi! A Spitalfields Music Trainee Music Leader, who’s working with Osmani Primary School for our Takeover Spring Festival day.

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

I’m Naomi, and I play the violin.  I love playing in lots of styles of music and with many different kinds of musicians. I have played with huge symphony orchestras in big concert halls, for private parties and occasions and also on a big stage at Glastonbury Festival.  Baroque music by composers like Vivaldi and Bach is my particular speciality but I also get very excited when I play rustic folk music, crazy modern music and sometimes the big slushy romantic music!  Jack and Abimaro are training me to become a more confident music leader so that I can share my passion with lovely people

What are you most looking forward to about your school’s Takeover festival?

‘Running, Falling, Moving’  – our epic theme tune!  What a classic.

I love the theme, the Nile – it give me a chance to learn lots more about all the countries that it passes through and more about the nature surrounding it.

I can’t wait to see the whole school uniting in a fun day like this, making music, arts, crafts and hopefully some dancing.  I can’t wait to see the Orange and Gold Year 3s, run an exciting event like this.

How did you come to start making music?

I started playing music at a very young age, in Glasgow where I was born.  My mum had a school in our basement where we did lots of singing and dancing too.  We went to a concert and I saw hundreds of children playing the violin and I said I wanted to play one of those!  So after waiting a year, I was allowed to get one.  I then worked really really hard to learn how to play.

What/Who is your biggest inspiration and why? (e.g. Composer, mentor, visual artist)

It is very hard to choose just one..I would say the band The Beatles’, as everyone loves them – their songs are sooo groovy, they have amazing lyrics and melodies and make you want to dance.

When you’re not making music what do you get up to?

I have a new hobby which is learning to surf!  I also love taking photographs, camping, dancing with friends and eating great food.

Could you share three favourite projects you’ve worked on recently?

I led singing workshops with children in Sri Lanka, recorded some beautiful old folk songs from Paris with my band, Badinage, and played Handel’s Messiah with a group called ‘Solomon’s Knot’ with a standing ovation (everyone stood up clapping at the end to show how much they loved it!)