Stewart Headlam: Session 4

We’ve been busy writing more songs, making puppets and planning our rune treasure trails ready for our Takeover Spring Festival day on 24 March.

We started today’s session with some more warm-ups and by singing There was a tree with the actions we made up last week. We then went through the story we wrote together in our last session and did some song-writing with Issy and John, writing melodies for the songs we started writing last session. Have a listen to part of the song we wrote with Issy about the goddess Freya.

After break we split into three groups. Polly’s group started to make puppets for the story – some of us made the puppets’ heads, others made hands and feet and the rest made stencils to print patterns on material for the puppets’ clothes. John’s group explored the school, looking for the best places around the building to put clues for our rune trail. Issy’s group started to think about the type of activities we could do with the Nursery and Reception classes in our festival story-telling sessions. We also worked on writing an ending to our story.