Cherry Trees: Festival Update

While the Osmani and Steward Headlam Takeover Spring Festival workshops are well under way, there are still a few weeks to go before The Cherry Trees sessions officially kick off. Unlike the other two days in the Takeover Spring Festival, The Cherry Trees School project is taking place over an intensive two-week period at the end of this term.

But don’t be fooled, we may not have started our in-school workshops, but we have definitely begun making exciting plans!  Last week project leaders Roshi, Danny and I met with Stuart and Angela, the head and deputy-head teachers of The Cherry Trees, to start gathering ideas and to pin down some of details.

Spitalfields Music and The Cherry Trees School have been working together for over 10 years. Each year we create a bespoke projects to engage the boys in music-making and other art forms. We have been on a fantastic journey together, exploring spoken word, puppetry, beat boxing and much else in between. This is the first time we have run a Takeover project at The Cherry Trees although in essence we have been “taking over” the school each time. Because the classes at The Cherry Trees are small we are able to work with all pupils, meaning that everyone gets to work, create and perform together. To give you an idea, here’s a video about our project in 2013 exploring identity.

I don’t want to give too much away yet but here are a few of the ideas that are floating around at the moment…

  • A sound installation hidden underground
  • Static bikes that generate electricity
  • Spoken word and visual art coming together
  • A celebration of the new classroom

Of course, what happens during The Cherry Trees Takeover Spring Festival day is up to the boys, so we won’t know anything for certain until the project begins!

Chloe Shrimpton
Programme Manager: Learning & Participation