Osmani : Sessions 3 & 4

Today we’ve been busy writing song lyrics and creating artwork for our Takeover festival day at Osmani Primary School. We’ve also been busy working on a stop-motion animation of the river Nile.

After some warm up games to get us started we spent some time practising Running, Falling, Moving with the words we’ve written ourselves about the sounds and sights of the river. Have a listen to us in action!

Our next task was to get to work on our stop-motion animation of the Nile. We created it by photographing our massive drawing of the river every time we added something to it before putting all the pictures into a sequence to make the animation, and we had a chance at the end to watch it together.

Later we started work on some new lyrics about the nature of the Nile and Ancient Egypt with Jack and Abimaro and started to explore music and movement through designing some actions for wrapping up a mummy, being a Pharaoh and building a pyramid.

 Here are our lyrics for Running, Walking, Moving:

I can see the bright, blue water
Shining, sparkling in the sun.

I can hear the wind pass by me,
And watch it make the river run.

I can feel the golden sand upon my face,
And taste the fruit the water brings.

 Helping me to eat and drink,
Can you hear it as it sings?

Waves are crashing on the rocks,
I feel them splashing at my feet.

Like a blue snake, hissing softly,
It’s moving through the deserts heat.

Pyramids are shining bright for all to see,
In all their grace and majesty.

I can feel the blowing wind,
Brushing gently on my skin.

You’ll be able to see the results of our planning and preparation on Wednesday 25 March and there’s more information about how on the Spitalfields Music website.