Osmani: Session 2

We’re back today for another session getting ready for our Takeover Spring Festival day based on the river Nile looking at some more songs and new lyrics and coming up with some ideas about things that will happen around our school during the festival.

Today, after an assembly with our music leaders we looked back over Running, Falling, Moving and performed it later with some added body percussion. We also wrote a song melody with Abimaro and Jack using some lyrics we’d written ourselves.

We also had to chance to meet Kate from Spitalfields Music and ask her some questions about the sort of thing we could include in our festival, and started to write down some ideas about things that could happen around the school on the festival day before learning a new song, There’s a river flowing in my soul.

Have a listen

Here’s our performance of Running, Falling, Moving with body percussion, and the new song we learnt, There’s a river flowing in my soul.