Osmani: Session 1

Today we started our planning our Takeover Spring Festival day at Osmani Primary School. We’ve come up with a theme for our festival as well as looking at what sort of events we’re going to have. Check back tomorrow when we’ve had our next session to see how things are developing!

We started our first Takeover Spring Festival planning session with some warm-up games to get us ready. Then we started thinking about what a festival is, and how to create one. We’ve chosen our theme too: our festival will be based on the river Nile.

Inspired by our theme we learnt a song Running, Falling, Moving, have a listen to us working on it. We spent some time thinking about lyrics and the sounds and sights of the river Nile and the ancient Egyptians with Abimaro and Jack, writing words on our own papyrus leaves. We’ve also started making some drawings of animals to use in our stop motion animation.

Have a listen

Here’s the song we learnt today: Running, Falling, Moving

Running, falling, moving,
Collecting stories as it flows.

Running, falling, moving,
The trees are smiling as they grow.

Gliding down the mountains,
Racing through the towns.

Carving out a ribbon,
Bringing life as it flows down.